CloneCD Now Unavailable

Just been onto the Elby web site to check if there was an updated version of CloneCD (which I had registered in April last year) and see that they have dropped the software due to new copyright laws.

Anyone care to enlighten me on the background to this?


Wow. You must be one of the last people to find this out. The Elby website hasn’t been offering CloneCD now for weeks if not longer.

The reason why was because of new laws in Germany and ones that are now speading around the EU like wildfire about programs that can be used to copy CD and protections to make backups.

SlySoft Inc has purchased the software and are currently doing something to the software because on their website they have said that a new update will be out in the next few weeks. That was a few weeks ago. Oh well. Hopefully soon something will happen.

SlySoft Inc

Womble…you are probably right.

Not had reason to use CloneCD for some weeks now but was just tidying things up yesterday on my PC and decided to see if there was an update available.

I see that Slysoft are a new company formed around the time that CloneCD got removed (from what you say) and are based in Antigua well away from the EU.

Well, well, well, could there be a a reason for that and will CloneCD re-emerge as a fox in sheeps clothing?

Or will the “revised” version from Slysoft will be neutured to some degree to get around the EU “problem”.

At least my current version still works so all isn’t lost.

theire where falling far behind anyway, so doesnt realy bother me that clonecd is no more. (except maybe for the people who just registered)

try this site i just got v.4 off it thanks 2 philamber 4 that