Clonecd(not responding)

i am a newbie to this site and computers and having problems with clonecd not working. i downloaded the trial version and it did the same thing. after downloaded it stalls and i cant click on any functions.(copy, write,etc…) it wont let me do anything else after this and i have to shut down manually. i then purchased a copy and it does the same thing. even removed and reinstalled over hoping for diff. results…any help would be very appreciated. thanks

to be honest, mines has done this before, sometimes just leaving it makes it load right, but i sometimes have to restart.

so, sorry, i’m not sure of a cure.

& welcome to the forums

just curious, did yours pop up with the clone log and clonecd,but when you tried to exit out it stalled and you would have to restart? and by leaving it, open and leave it? thanks for any help or advice.

when first installed it came up with a pop up of the writers etc, but it was on clonecd that i sometimes had trouble loading, i’d get the 4 options and they stay grayed out as if a driver wasn’t loading right, sometimes it then load ok and sometimes it wouldn’t

it finally loaded after leaving open for about an hour or two. do you know what it means by searching for scsi/atapi means? it seams that is what takes it so long to boot up. thank for the help, i appreciate it.