CloneCD Not Recognizing My Old Smart and Friendly Writer

I’ve got an old Smart and Friendly two speed CD recorder. I tried the CloneCD version that came from the web site. It gives 21 days
at full use. It does not recognize my CD recorder as a cd recorder. It only recognizes it as a reader. The recording button in the CDclone menu is not hilighted either. And the CloneCD log says that there is no CD Writer found. The CD recorder appears in the Win2000 explorer menu and in Device Manager so I know it is being read by the operating system.

Does anyone know why it is not being recognized by CloneCD as a Writer?

CloneCD only recognises compatible burners.
Yours obviously isn’t.

Thank you. It looks like you’re right as it is not listed as one of the compatible CD recorders. Could you or someone else recommend some other cloning software that would work with less compatibility restrictions.

What model is it?

Here is a compatibility list

Dunno how often its updated.

Thank you. The model is the Smart and Friendly 2006 which I think was one of the first CD recorders ever on the market that went for about $400. All the others before that were closer to $1,000. It was a big price breakthrough. But it’s not on the list as compatible to CloneCD.

My writer is fairly old (e.g. an 8x burner). Is it possible to burn with CloneCD anyway?

Maybe it works in RAW-SAO mode. In the CloneCD Help file you’ll find an explanation how to change the device settings (Help->Device Settings). In RAW-SAO mode certain track informations cannot be written, like dislocated TOCs, digital signatures and regular bit patterns. Modern copy protected CDs as well as multimedia CDs often contain such tracks, thus writing the content of these cds will often not work out with these devices.