CloneCD NL (Netherlands) language file

I just posted the article CloneCD NL (Netherlands) language file.

CloneCD has now been translated in French and Swedish, and of course us Dutchies can’t stay behind, unfortunately it’s a lot of work, and that’s something I didn’t realise when I started working on…

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key for version 3,the same as 2.8.x.x??

If you don’t know, just try, you have nothing to lose,suber600! :d

Gee DoMiN8ToR. Giving up that quick ? I´ve translated both the Language File into Swedish, and the Documentation. The Language is 29kb text, and the documentation is 388kb uncompressed text. See ya!

It’s far easier to SAVE AS ASCII after opening the language-file. Then you can use notepad to edit the text, it won’t take very long to do a translation then.

Men i have downloaded the editor but how works that ?? i have try everything nothing works here and were can i find this so called ‘CloneCDCoreRes.h’ in /CloneCD/Texts there is nothing like that on my harddisk

This program sucks :frowning: When i edit an item. I see everything in english

Ljugtomten, I had to give up because of the lack of time, I also have a site to run :7 Cyberbob, this works only for CloneCD 3 beta, for I know…

OK I have update Clonecd white the dutch langu

Oeps so i was writing I have update Clonecd white the dutch language file its finish now Thankx to DoMiN8ToR

have you translated the rest??

How do i translated the text ? :frowning: