CloneCD & NFS6?

I tried to copy NFS6, i think it has the newest securom or whatever.
I have a Toshiba 16x DVD and a LiteOn 24x/12x/32. But the copy doesnt run. Is there some special setting i have to use?

I don’t use clone cd for the first time but since the new protections i wasn’t able to do a running copy.


If you mean NFSHP2, it’s safedisc 2.8x protected and unfortunately ccd isn’t reliable with that protection at present. (Sometimes copy will work, sometimes not.)

Reliable alternatives are discdump/fireburner and alcohol (and, maybe, discjuggler). Each of blindwrite, burnatonce and cd-mate may also work (cd-mate usually does but not always).

i will go and get alcohol :slight_smile:

So for all, who are interested in the result of this particular problem:



If you are talking about using the Clone CD you mean EMULATE WAEK SECTORS and if you are talking about Alcohol you mean IGNORE WEAK SECTORS right ?!

Cause this can be confusing for a novice user, since ignoring the weak sectors in Clone CD does not nessesarliy give you a successful back up of the Safe Disk 2.8X in this case.

i am a newbie, but one thing is sure:
i have used clone cd since 2.8x or whatever…
and i am shure in my version 4.12 or more
you have to choose ignore weak sectors.

and now the explaination:
i have tried to copy NFSHP2 and Mechwarrior 4 very often. I tried to choose (what in my opinion was logical) to emphazise the weak sectors, but that didnt work, the game told me to insert the correct cd.
Then i thought i had to choose emulate! bnut then the game startet and hang up. i dont know why. so the last possibility was to ignore this sectors.
There i have a lite on 24x burner and a toshiba dvd to read the datas… somehow it worked. and both copies run probably!

MOH: Spearhead was copied 100% Successfully with Blindwrite so its can stand up to the challenge of this game too.