CloneCD news: Will one profile/button do it all?

I just posted the article CloneCD news: Will one profile/button do it all ?.

We haven’t heard for a long time from the developers of CloneCD; Elaborate Bytes, but today there are two postings of the team. It seems that they will not bother to upgrade their software till…

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sweet :4 … i can’t wait, it would be so awsome if all this stuff happens. one button just think of how easy. just like copying a normal unprotected cd.

Ollie truly is the master, I knew he wasn’t going down without a fight… i must admit however that i was beginning to wonder.

I am still using CloneCD Until that can no longer duplicate legitimate backups on me SCSI Plex 12/10/32s or me Liteon 32/12/32, then I see no need too upgrade, and besides I don’t like all these profile stuff etc. If Ollie could implement a protection scanner similar too the demised ClonyXXL or it successor The Scout 2002 and then pass the appropriate settings too CloneCD depending on what is has found, then surely that should be enough? Why make things complicated! By now CloneCD should have its own scanner. Its just constructive advice. At the end of the day noone can tell Ollie what too do! They can make suggestions, but wether he takes them on board is another thing.

Profiles? A little ambiguous I Think. An integrated scanner like the one used by ClonyXXL would be the best way to go. More flexibility for the user. If the programmer can come up with profiles he/she can come up with a scanner. Like interceptor above says though we can’t tell folk what to do but we can sure as hell request. Let’s hope CloneCD goes on and on… it’s a fabulous program and never fails. :slight_smile:

Have you all noticed though, the time between the protection being made and how long it’s taking for software to be able to get around the protection is getting longer and longer. One day they will win, They just have too big a budget compared to the makers of the anti-copy protection software.

but it doesnt take long for the games to be cracked or patched =)

I’m sorry but i have to agree with Hila on this. It is taking longer and longer for games to be backed up, and once a 1-1 will not be possible anymore, i feel that they will try and get around the games being cracked, i’m not saying that this will happen anytime soon, but i feel that it’s a big possibility! :c

Remember when clonecd was able to clone EVERY protection. Lets hope these time might be back again soon. One drive to rule them all: Liteon One prog to rule them all CloneCD by oliver kastl Greetz Gräfdig Gloner

Thanks Olli! CloneCD is a great application to be sure! :slight_smile:

Many people have said that it’s taking “Longer and longer” for persons who develop anti-copy protection software to catch up with those who develop the protections. I would just like to note that the number of companies using these protections that “havent been completely beaten” (such as tages) are becoming “less and less”. It may take time to beat these protections, but if there aren’t many people interested in taking their time to beat them, it’s not going to happen very quickly. If protections like Tages were more widely used, those who have the knowledge to beat them would be a little more interested. //End of my 2 cents