CloneCD never finishes when writing DVD



I just downloaded the latest version and us it with any DVD. At the end of the DVD write process it hits the writing lead out tracks section, and then stays at that stage without ever finsihing. The DVD drive light is off. When I force a stop, it give the standard error message, the writing DVD drive is immobilized (no eject, no play) until I restart. The one DVD i have backed up appears to play OK, but I have not explored it thoroughly.

I have an HP DVD writer in a vanilla Compaq.



bad media would be my guess…what kind of media are you using? get DVD Identifier or DVDInfo and show what it says.


This is a bug I found some time ago. Slysoft suggested that I disable the sound files that chime in at the end. Problem solved. Also, the latest version, added yesterday, fixes the bug.

I assume you meant CloneDVD. If you are using CloneCD for DVDs I would guess the same problem.


This is a bug


i never had that (bug) problem with clonedvd or clonecd on my comp. but i do when i use cheap media for the kids so they can watch it in the ps2.