CloneCD makes "perfect copy" of C&C Renegade

Just burned a perfect 1:1 copy of Command And Conquer Renegade with my Plextor PX-W2410a (firmware 1.04). I used the settings that Guardian BS1 posted.

Read: Max
Fast Skip Error Settings:
Read error corrections: 3
Error correction: Hardware
Everything else: UNCHECKED!

Write: Max
Buffer underrun protection: checked
Amplify weak sectors: UNCHECKED!
Don’t repair subchanel data: checked
Always close last session: checked
Perform laser power calibration: checked

Backup copy works on my Toshiba SD-M1502 DVD-Rom, Matshida SR-8586 DVD Rom, made by Panasonic. Tried same settings on a LG CED 8240b, and FAILED, but game DOES play with option “Hide CD-R” option checked. Will go to Wally Mart tomorrow and get a copy of Serious Sam for 9.99+ uncle sam and see if good ole’ Plexy will make a “perfect” backup.

note Used CloneCD v3.3.4.1


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