CloneCD Locale Editor Please

Please help with any working link to download …CloneCD Locale Editor please help…

Thanks to all…

Welcome to the forum awadh,

Here’s a working link for the old CloneCD Locale Editor.


Thank you very very much my friend…I download it.

But how can I make the word “Arabic” appear on the program main minu beside other languges?

thank you from me and whole Arabian countries for your help?

Iam waiting…

Here’s how to use it. Install the editor and start it. Click File, Open Template. Now open the ‘CloneCDCoreRes.h’ file in the CloneCD\Texts folder. (CCDTrayStrings.h is for the CloneCD Tray, VCDShellStrings.h is for the Virtual CloneDrive). Now click on File, Open language file and open your language file. Do not forget to save each line you edit!! When you’ve edited the language file save it so you can use it in CloneCD.
The language files for CloneCD are stored in the CloneCD\Texts\ folder. You should put your new language file there after you’re done translating. Please note though that the file you downloaded was for CloneCD v4.2.0.2 and I don’t know if it works correctly for the latest versions by SlySoft. Perhaps you can contact SlySoft and ask them for help on translating CloneCD for them… then they can also include your translated file in future CloneCD releases!

Great thanks to you …

I have compeleted 30% of Arabic translation…thanx