CloneCD & LiteOn16102B doesn´t work

hi there !!!

my liteon 16102b and clonecd doesn´t work together…

problem is to read subchannel data…

clone cd give a message that this drive can´t read subchannel data …

but i think the liteon read subchannel data ???

is there an solution ???

amd eide 1.36 driver
liteon 16102b
clonecd and/or tested

Hmmmmm…something’s wrong, eh?[ul][]Checked DMA?[]Correct cables for ATA66+?[]Is 1.36 the latest chipset driver?[]Do you have a hybrid board, for sure?[]What other burning programs do you have loaded?[]What game title are you backing up?[/ul]

Liteon can read subchannel just fine. This would all make sense if it was a protected audio CD since liteons can’t read protected audio, but it can write it. Futureproof, “eh” is a Canadian thing. Cheers

Originally posted by CCDKing
Futureproof, “eh” is a Canadian thing.
I know, I know…three Canuck mates - two Newfies and a PEI. Queenslanders also say it, don’t they, Kitna :wink:

Exactly the same setup works for me - perhaps hardware somewhere else along the line may be the cause