CloneCD is not dead - who needs 'two sheep' burners anymore?

I just posted the article CloneCD is not dead - who needs ‘two sheep’ burners anymore?.

Lately there have been a lot of reports of back-up problems with latest copy-protections such as SecuRom v4.80 and SafeDisc v2.80. Since then there have been new software releases such as…

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Weird, can read it with the burner you wrote it with (LTR-24102B) olli, if you read this. can you please let clonecd remember wich image was mounted before the reboot.

Didn’t i say so… Elaborate Bytes is and will be the ONLY king of 1-1.

do you remember the unability of clonecd to copy the new securom? “the ONLY king of 1-1” should be able to copy every protection not just one better than another 1:1 copy software :wink:

InSOMniA who says that Olli won’t find a solution for SecuRom also? Have a little faith man! :4

Na BlindSuite with the BWA builder is the only program too have. Pure and simple :4

Works in the burner with “Hide CD-R Media” I dont call that 1-1 copying… Do you?

as I know olli he is somebody doing all jobs perfect. I think he has allready a method to copy the new protection but he wants to include this method into clonecd that, the user cannot see extra windows or has to do extra things, the user will only press copy. So I think olly is working on the integration of this method into clonecd

Hide CD-R media only assures that the drive is not able to read the ATIP code. You can play it without this function in your DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive.

DoMiN8ToR is correct (of course :)) I also wanted to just say i agree 100 % with GrefdigGloner. I have NEVER had a stability issue with CloneCD. As for Blindwrite, i’ve downloaded the latest release and have too many issues with it. The error skipping is rediculous (if your reader supports their ‘alt read method’ at all that is). I’m sorry but Blindwrite looks promising, but they are also full of empty promises. They claimed they were close to a solution for copying playstion 1 games without the need for a mod chip. What happened to that? nope. I’m sure Olli and the crew will come through, they just want it to actually work more than 1 out of 10 times a burn, lol. I’ll wait till i can get realiable backups from CloneCD. :9

I still remember the Securom+LiteON issues with CloneCD. When CloneCD couldn’t copy AVP2 and BlindWrite could on my Lite-ON 24102B, I started using BW and have been using it since. I don’t know what issues you have had with, but I haven’t had any and I like the fact that BW can write BIN+CUE and ISO files as well as it’s own format. So for me BW rules …

Reaction by Hypnosis4U2NV on Monday 18 November 2002 Works in the burner with “Hide CD-R Media” I dont call that 1-1 copying… Do you? - Hypnosis Man, you just don’t get it. Hide CD-R media is not because CCD cannot copy a CD well. It is to prevent the writer from reading ATIP information, which NEVER can be copied (that I know of). ATIP information is already on the blank CD-R. Hide CD-R media is a good feature. It is not the fault of Olli, but our benefit. Next time do your research.

CDs running from your burner only with clonecd’s hide cdr media function ARE real 1:1 copys. If there would be empty cdr media WITHOUT any kind of atip information on it, these copys would also run on non-atip-hided machines, understood ? Blind/read/write is good software, thats true its good to be able to make copys of the latest protections but what most users want is a more handy way to make copys. With the bwa/twinpeak/clonecd method you have to do this and that and that realy SUCKS. Even cracking the game would be less work to do :wink: CloneCD beginns where bwa and alcohol stopps, it enables you to make realy good running copys of these new protections AND THIS WITHOUT EXTRA STEPS FOR THE USER. Ansdas I allready said, OLLI is working on the inegration of these new twinpeak-similar options into the clonecd copy-cernel. Gräfdig Gloner

Hide CD-R media function in clonecd tray is a cheating function. Just follow these steps to see. 1. try to burn sd2 2.8 disc using clonecd latest version. 2. turn off “Hide CD-R Media” function of clonecd tray 3. Put this copy in to CD-ROM/DVD-ROM device, as cd-rom/dvd-rom device cannot get ATIP info, so Hide CD-R media is needed in this case. 4. We all know clonecd cannot backup SD 2.8 games, so this copy should not work. 5. Don’t get this disc out, just try to turn on “hide cd-r media” function of clonecd tray and try to play the game again. hm :), you see, it works. Why on earth do I need to turn on “hide cd-r media” function for cd-rom/dvd-rom devices??? This function is a cheating function, it will let you think every copy is 1:1, in fact, as you can see it is not. You can try warcraft III too, make a wrong copy using SAO, and try to turn “hide cd-r media” on again, you will see it will work too. Olli surrendered to 1:1 copy long time ago since he made “hide cd-r media” function. The “hide cd-r media” function not only hides the atip code, but also emulates some protections. It is not good, because you might always think the copy you got was a 1:1 copy, “NOT” The “Ignore media type” function in alcohol 120% is the one for pure hide ATIP code function. LOL

the latest cloncd cuts SD2.8 with the propper hardware. what are you talking about?

The truth is that clonetester is wrong. Gräfdig

clonetester is 100% right.