Clonecd - invalid function

I was sent a file (actually 3 files w/ .ccd, .img, .sub extensions) created using clonecd. I was told I could use clonecd to burn the file to a cd. When I do this, clonecd finds the .ccd file and the burn seems to complete. However, when I try to use the cd in any computer, I get an invalid function message and it thinks it’s a music cd. Yet I select data before I burn it and the file is an application, not music. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Originally posted by dnc3023
Any thoughts? Thanks.
Yes, that’s illegal to distribute copyrighted software and to accept software that you don’t own a licence for…we discuss software that is paid for, on this site. The Rules are linked in my signature :wink: Thread closed. PM me if you have any questions about this. :cop: