CloneCD : .img ---> .iso?

Hello all.

MagicISO can convert CloneCD .img files to .iso. Would a converted .iso that is then patched and burned work??? Or would the lacking .ccd and .sub files prevent that? Thanks.

What if I first burned the CloneCD files, then made an ISO of that disk and patched it?? Just an idea.

What exactly do you mean by ‘patched’? (please forgive me my ignorance)

Patched as in that it will bypass the modchip search. My PSX has a mod chip, my PS2 is not. Here’s a link :

Don’t tell me I’ve broken forum rules. I’m sorry if I did.


CloneCD records more settings than the standard ISO format , but you only know if you actually need that extra info if you try it.

It should also be possible to inject code inside the Clonecd image.