Clonecd image

Can you make an image with cloncd using just a cd-rom then burn the image with the cd-rw or must the cd-rw have to read and write?

U can use a CD Rom or DVD Rom to make the image…as long as its compatible with Clone (and most are).

If you have more than one drive installed, just select which you want to use…Clone will then report on the abilities of that drive.

Then choose your read options and away you go…

Keep in mind that a lot of writers are far better readers than normal CD-Rom’s though… A lot of CD-Rom’s cannot read SubChannel Data for instance. But like Da-Smasha said CloneCD will report if your drive doesn’t support a selected feature so you could always change the drive you use for reading.

I always use my writer to both read/write
most of the cdrw are faster then the cdroms
and compatiblewith clonecd