CloneCd image without sub-file?

I’ve got a CloneCD image consisting of an *.img file and a *.ccd file. It’s made with CloneCD 3. When I open the file to burn it on cd, CloneCd gives me an ‘opening error’, the system cannot find the file. Does this happen because there is not a *.sub file included? Is the image corrupt? Is it a bug? Does anyone have some suggestions and/or advise? Thanx in advance…

yes you need a *.sub file

What you can do is trying to extract the image using, for example, ISOBuster and try to burn the files onto cd then. You will lose the copy protection though.

I already thougt about Isobuster, but then indeed I will not be able to burn the copy protection. So I will have to add a patch or a crack with it. I hoped that CloneCD 3 didn’t have a sub-file anymore, but the one I got the image from forgot to add the sub-file. Thanks anyway for the replies…:cool:

I have an idea that doesn’t require cracks, etc.

Scan another cd, rename the *.sub file to the name of the game with it lacking, and burn. It should work as long as the protection isn’t subchannel based. let me know how it goes.

Nope, just tried it with two unprotected Cd’s and it didn’t work.

CloneCD wouldn’t let me.

Next I’ll try mounting it in Daemon Tools, then having CloneCD read the fake drive.

Note: This new test will be with a SD2 disk, and AWS for burning to all intersted.

I just extracted the image with Isobuster, then burnt it on a cd with some cracks that I found on the net. This way it will work too. I also tried to put another sub-file with the image, but indeed it did not work…

Daemon didn’t work, same problem.

I’ll try to find a solution, one that doesn’t involve cracks.
This is now my “quest.”

I’ll try to find a solution, one that doesn’t involve cracks.

Try burning the .img with CD Mate or load it into Fantom CD and then burn it.