CloneCD image of NFS 2 Hot

My friend made a CloneCD image of Need for Speed 2 and asked me to burn it for him since I have a Lite-On burner and he has a no sheep burner. From what I’ve been reading, CloneCd cannot backup Safedisc 2.8. Everyone seems to use Disc Juggler or Alcohol. So, what I’m asking is, is it possible to burn a working 1:1 copy of NFS2 using a CloneCD image? What should I burn the image with?

It’s possible,but u should use Alcohol 120% to burn ur clonecd’s image. i tested it , all ok. i am same as u, my friend gave me fifa2003 , nsf 2 hot,ect ,all safedisc 2.8 clonecd image , clonecd burn the images ,but failed to start game. i use Alcohol 120% to burn the clonecd images, that’s works.

Thanks…I’ll give it a try