CloneCD Image Files....Which do I delete?

Hi Everyone and Happy Xmas :bigsmile:

I have been using CloneCD 4 to make image files of 3 discs. I named the 3 files IMAGE, IMAGE1 and IMAGE2. I burned the images and did not tick the “delete after a successful write” box, so now I am left with around 2-3 GB of unwanted data.

What I wanted to know is…Is there a way to delete the said files without having to re-burn them and check the delete checkbox???

I have visited the file in Windows where they are and there appears to be 3 files for each image…eg for IMAGE there is IMAGE.sub, IMAGE.CCD and a Photoshop 7 Pro Image called IMAGE. This is not however a recognised format of PS7Pro…

Are these 3 files all there are for the image or are there some other ones in the list somewhere??? And will I be OK to delete the 3 files for each Image manually from here???

I am a newb and will appreciate any help/ advise…Thanx (;o)))

just right click on the image files and choose delete then delete them from the recycle bin.

I worked that much out…

What I wanted to know was more to do with the other files associated with the IMAGE.CCD file - namely the .sub file and the Paintshop 7 Pro Image with the same name. I also wanted to know if there were anymore files associated with the “3 per Image” that I needed to know about and if this method of manually removing them (((manually deleting them)))was OK???

When you make a disc image you will get 3 files.
In your case you have IMAGE.CCD, IMAGE.SUB and IMAGE.IMG and it is safe to delete all 3 files.
The reason you have 1 PS7Pro file is that is the program you or a program has associated the file extension .IMG to, in my case I have the .IMG associated with Irfan View.

Hehe I have the same ‘problem’ :wink: IMG-files are associated with Paint Shop Pro but it’s safe to delete the IMAGE.IMG file as portmac already said.