Clonecd = Image Control file vs. Image File

I just got done ripping my DL dvd with clonecd. Instead of there being one image file, there are 5 Image control files. What are image control files? i cant mount these files in daemon tools or alcohol. there was an option in clonecd to rip to a image file(not an image control), should i do that?
What are the differences?


I had the same problem but I found a home made solution to overcome this. Maybe there’s a better solution …dunno:

1-you should have files names something.000 something.001 etc…
you have to rename every file to make them begin with *.001 extension and so on.
So you just rename your original something.000 file to something.001, your original 001 file to 002 etc.

2-you have now files called something.001 something.002 etc. Go and get a freeware called HJsplit (type under google you’ll get it). This prog joins splitted files starting with a 001 file (that why I renamed the files in 1- ). Run the prog, choose JOIN and point the prog to your renamed something.001 file (originally something.000 file), and start joining

3-after a while you get a file called ‘something’. That is a combined file of your older files. Rename that file to somethnig.iso. And there you are, you can load that anywhere daemon or whatever…

I guess this thing works because all CloneCD does is reading bit by bit the dvd and splitting to several files.

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keywords: what to do with clonecd *.dvd *.000 *.001 *.002 … files

i hope this doesnt mess up the layer break?


I did this a while ago and mounted on daemon tool a perfect DVD and installed the soft from it. You can always use copied files to test this. But I had no problem.

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Maybe an easier way…

Load ImgBurn and click Tool -> Create DVD MDS File

Drag the chunks of the image over into the MDS window and make yourself and MDS.

(You might even just get away with selecting the .DVD file).

You can then load that MDS in daemon tools etc.

Sounds good.
don’t have that soft installed but that might work

is a mds file exactly like a image file? can clonedvd burn mds files?

No, an MDS file is a file that creates a logical bridge between the individual file parts.

MDS (/MDF) is the native format of Alcohol and DAEMON Tools.

I suggested making an MDS because you kinda mentioned that you wanted to be able to use the image within those programs. This would make that possible.

Generally speaking, you’d only use multiple files in the first place if your hdd cannot support large ones. If your hdd is formatted using NTFS (rather than FAT32), you CAN have large files.

You can join the files generated by CloneCd into an .iso file by running “Start Menu > Run…” and typing:
copy “source-path\source-files-name.0*” /b “destination-path\destination-file-name.iso”

copy “C:\Documents and Settings\User.Name\Desktop\TempImage.0*” /b “D:\Movies\Image.iso”

I’m not sure that’ll build a perfect .iso file, but as far as my tests went it seems to work just fine. (I used CloneCd to “break” an image file, then joined it back using this technique and in the end compared both files; they turned out to be completely equal. So I guess it works.)

Lighting UK’s way is quicker, though, ('cause you won’t have to wait for the files to be copied together) and will run on filesystems other than NTFS (as he mentioned, FAT32 has a file size limit of 4gb, so if your hard disk is formatted as FAT32 you won’t be able to put toghether an .iso file greater than that size).