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I just posted the article CloneCD humor !.

The author of CloneCD, Oliver Kastl, has proven to have some humor. He seems to understand that there is no way to protect software against piracy, but he gives a signal to those who use his software…

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When someone is desperate
humor is the best way to
prevent suicide


I understand he wants to protect his software to urn money
but now he maybe puts more money in the protection than he urns with it


Sorry guys, but he rules because of a message saying that a s#$%listed serial was used?
I mean, I don’t imply that Oliver sux or something, but this so boring, getting excited with a pop up box!
Now, if that pop up box had a funny picture or something, it would be different, maybe amusing!


Great messagebox, Oliver put it´s right on the spot, pay up, one psx copy and you have already urn the registration costs! CloneCd is one of the best little software around!


He maybe use the same method everytime that he found out that someone gives his registration key to other people, …but Clone still is the best burning prog. around. Give him 3 minutes of your time for his work !


This piece of software rules!!! When I get my hands on the right money you can expect my registration application man… Keep up the good work…


Once they support Plextor PX-W124Ts they’ll have my money…


I’ll register CloneCD as soon as the price drops to 39.95.

I will now stand in the corner feeling ashamed.

Good Day.


I might register if I think it’s any good if plextor ever release the rumoured firmware for RAW writing if it then works with my 8/2/20 if I can be bothered if I don’t have to stand in a corner if…


I think it is a shame too…

Hunting for passwords for utilities that ARE infact worth their little contribution. Oli is (still) a man who has the balls not to go into the brute counterattack, unlike the author of CDRWin did. CDRWin has died into people’s mind by screwing up your system… I got one thing to say, If you’re using this program on a regular base, and want to make sure CloneCD keeps on top op the market (which IMHO it deserves) … Think twice before using cracks and serials, I still remember those silly serial-hunter wining about their screwed up system, while at the mean time, they still can’t implement a simple system-monitoring utility… Now THAT’s a same !


This (message box) is unprofessional.




If Oliver lower the price to $40 buks, I think lot’s of people would buy it. I would!


I like clonecd but…
I have now an acer 4432A and
now clonecd don’t work correct
only problem is …
Don’t Repair SubChannel Data
is not working


What the f*ck!
Clone rules!
And please, drop the price!
Then I’ll register it!

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