CloneCD formats harddrive?

I just posted the article CloneCD formats harddrive ?.

We’ve got several e-mails of people that warn us to not use the serials ,as posted some days ago on our forum (Andreas Minge), on the latest CloneCD version. The program will prompt: - You’ve tried…

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lol should happen once, imagine your HD formatted, couldn’t you sue hil then?

it is a joke

Yeah Right.

I tried it just to see what would happen. I simply pops a message box that threatens to format your harddrive and sorry, it doesn’t keep what it promises. Can’t blame Elaborate Bytes for gettin pissed…

There’s a file in the CloneCD dir called “keycheck.exe” that prints the message, you can see it for yourself by typing “keycheck -stolen” in your CloneCD dir. Maybe in future it’d be a good idea to remove this file straight after installing, just in case the author decides he is going to start wiping drives

you quoted me:

Now Olli clearly states that
"CloneCD will never write coasters and will never harm your computer, when an invalid or stolen code is entered. This is not only illegal according to the law in certain countries, it is also bad style, and I don’t like software, that contains a “ticking time bomb” of some sort. Who knows, if this bomb is triggered someday accidently?"

it’s time to crack it…

I noticed that Goldenhawk’s CDRWin will sometimes start producing coasters even with legit serial numbers. It usually happens after my computer crashes so I have to turn my computer off without a shutdown. Probably something becomes corrupt in the registry, but the only solution I’ve found to get it working again is to reinstall Windows. I’ve decided not to install CDRWin anymore because of this. According to Usenet postings, previous versions would corrupt your harddrive when it thought you had a bad key. I think the author of CDRWin is a baby. This guy is selling software that became popular only because it is very good at making illegal copies of software (notably Playstation games), but he can’t take his own medicine. So he implements a faulty system that causes damage to users data and destroys CD-Rs.

if theres a problem why hasnt it been cracked yet?

send me clonecd please?