'CloneCD' for the Mac

I just posted the article ‘CloneCD’ for the Mac….

Submitted by: Hans
Source: http://computer.freepage.de/fhusemann/

In a german newsgroup a guy claimed to have written a add-on for Adaptec Toast, that will make it burn everything. The…

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Cool, now people who are using Mac can copy 100% game copies too…

But, why do people want to use Mac anyways?
Mac sucks

Black-Wolf I disagree. Mac have some good systems. Too bad they don’t make too much software for those things

Well BSA, I’m sure there are also protected MAC-CD’s out there. And one or two Mac-Users will certainly own a Playstation.

beggar what r u saying-

u mean that there are 2 mac users?!?!?!?!?


MAC fucken Sucks !!

I’m gunna throw mac user and their stupid gameboy by the windows on a skyscraper that have 50 floors

they don’t even deserve to copy anything

One, did you ever hear of irony?

Ah yes, something else. I wish I’d be smart enough to know how to change the system time, so that I could be as cool as those guys at the bottom line …

All PC people is just envious…envious…envious…because I have a computer that never crash…nevr crash…never crash…and your fucking windows always do it…do it…do it…

…and which games are ppl with a MAC going to have to copy? PC-games?

Yes, PC is the best, that’s why Mac only have one or two viruses, and PC have Millions… and what happens if you remove explorer from a windows PC system? try it! :d

I like my pc but I will never love it! My mac will never pester my about installing some program from the net such as shockwave flash player! But my PC just won’t take a *^%&&^# hint! "would you like to download and install this or that??? (always trust content from this site) Note that there is no choice here in the way of NO! and Never ask about this again as long as I live!!! you tiranical piece of PC Crap!! :frowning: No my mac has NEVER pestered my about such things… Thats the difference that counts. :4 -note I can’t say that about OS X… OS X is the death of the mac for me And I will NOT be buying a mac from Apple again! They are fools! Fools who have forsaken the very OS that is the reason they exsist. They have lost a mac user who has been with them since the days of the Apple II! But no more. My next computer will reluctently be a ATX Standard PC… :r For shame to you Apple… Shame.


dfd :d

:slight_smile: cool NEC DVD RW ND 7550A

lol… Mac and Virus don’t even belong in the same sentence… You PC users are just undereducated… And apparently you just love looking at that Blue Screen of Death that us mac users have never seen before (excluding previous experiences with Winblows) Even Bill Gates uses a Mac and even admitted that Mac was the inspiration of him even writing Windows… You just criticize mac because your Momma won’t buy you one… ROFL…
If Windows was so great, it would have a journaled file system… You Defraggin’, Virus Laggin, Spam Machinists… LOL