CloneCD for backup PSX, need modchip?



Hey there. Just got a CD-Writer and CloneCD. If I make a copy of a PSX game with CloneCD, do I need to have a modchip installed to play the game? Can the PSX read CD-RW’s?


Yes your will still be needing a mod chip.
the rest of the questions i have no answers i simply didn’t did that yet…


you do need a modchip to play “backups”…hehehe, but i wouldn’t reccomend clonecd for copying PSX games. i have been using cdrwin/nero for copying all my playstation games, and they work good. i have never tried copying psx games with clonecd, because i’ve never needed to. try if you need the chip. i made my chip myself, because i have access to chip burner and some good soldering equip, but i wouldnt reccomend doing it yourself unless you have an electronics backround.


You don’t have to build in a modchip, you also use a cartridge like, Game Enhancer, PSX Cracker, Game Cracker, …, when you use these you don’t loose your warranty.
When burning psx, you need cd’s with green dye colour otherwise it won’t work, so a cdrw won’t work with it because it has a white dye colour


If your hardware is compatible then Clonecd is far better than Cdrwin or Nero. You can copy Psx games which are protected such as Resident evil 3 and Tarzan without using a patch.Go for Clonecd you wont regret it. Make sure your cdr works with it first though


I agree with tacman although i have never used Clone CD for PSX backup it can back them up with out downloading a patch. If u use Nero & Cdrwin u need to make an image of the cd u r backing up then download a patch, apply patch etc. which can b a bit confusing to the unfamilar.


Ch5 Micky


In response to Mattel007. To use a Game Enhancer, PSX Cracker or Game Cracker, don’t I need a parallel port? I have a 9002, which is not equipped with the parallel port. That leaves me with a modchip as the only solution, I guess? Do you by the way know which brands are carrying the green dye colour? The following must sound like a joke, but I’m half (and only half) colourblind. I have some Mr. platinum 650MB CD-R’s. They seem to be green to me. But is it the right green dye colour?

Thanks to you all.


What Mattel007 said is true, you can’t use rewritables on the playstation, you also can’t use 80 min (these didn’t work on my playstation).
But I use TDK cdr’s, and these have a blue dye, so the green dye isn’t the only one which works on a Playstation.


I’ve used this one to test
Philips Premium Silver CD’s 74 min : green dye colour : it worked
Princo 80 minutes : green dye colour : it worked
Princo 74 minutes : green dye colour : it worked
Thats Write 80 minutes : green dye colour : it worked
Thats Write 74 minutes : blue dye colour : didn’t work
Maxell CDR74XL : green dye colour : worked
Lead Data 80 minutes : blue dye colour : didn’t work

So my conlusion that i can form from this test it, is that it depends on the dye colour. But it depends the most from the quality from the cd’rs i guess. But if you use cd’s with green dye colours, i guess that it will work

SO, i think that you’ ll have to buy a modchip, because your psx, doesn’t seem to have that port wich is needed to put it in

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After trying many brands of CD-Rs, i’ve found that Verbatim DataLifePlus 74min silve/blue CD-Rs work the best, i can buy 50pack spindles for $35 bucks, I always burn at 4x with these and never have any problems. Plus i have the first model playstation 1001, and if my playstation has no problems with these, yours shouldn’t either.

Note: The only 2 places i can find these CDRs at locally are Office Depot and Sams Club