What is the difference between burning a image (made with CloneCD) with CloneCD and burning a quesheet (made with CloneCD) and this quesheet burning with FireBurner?

I have read this in the forum, when have i to do this?


a CUE-sheet and bin file combination doesn’t contain as much info as a clone-cd image can have.

Therefore you will not be able to use a cue-sheet/bin file for some copy protected cd’s.


Later versions of the Safedisk copy protection will not be correctly written by CloneCD with certain hardware. The same image written in FireBurner with the same hardware will not have this problem.

In my case - SD 2.8 and SD2.9 images created with CloneCD from my Lite-On LTD-163D will not be correctly written by CloneCD to my Lite-On LTR-40125S. This means that the game’s guard module [the bit that checks the validity of the CD in the drive at play time] will detect the backup as a copy and refuse to start the game. However, if I write the same image with FireBurner the guard module is fooled into thinking the copy is the original, and my original gets to stay safe in the packaging.



will try that some time


Originally posted by damiandimitri
[B]a CUE-sheet and bin file combination doesn’t contain as much info as a clone-cd image can have.

Therefore you will not be able to use a cue-sheet/bin file for some copy protected cd’s. [/B]

clone cd can make images with cue sheets that aren’t .bin files.


that is why i said a cue sheet with a BIN file

clone-cd can make cue sheets…i know…but it makes more files that keep more info then a normal BIN file


Thank you all, a know a little bit more.


hi Damian dimitri. I have a a ***.bin file but the ***.cue file is missing. Can I use the bin file with clonecd and how? please response asap.thx.


Hey Orinoco

As a Fireburner newbie, how do I burn a CloneCD image with Fireburner? What settings do I use?


Fireburner doesn’t have many settings as such. The most important thing to do is to remember to select the create a cue sheet option when making the CloneCD image.

Then start FireBurner and check that the burner you want to use is selected [if you have more than 1] and then select ‘Load Cue sheet’ from the file menu. FireBurner will load the cue sheet and then you’re pretty much set to burn.

Burning speeds will be dependant on whether your drive is fully supported by FireBurner or not. My Asus CRw 5232AS isn’t so I get the choice of 1x or Max for burning. If you’re burning game images then I would suggest 1x which although slower will give you a better burn in that it is more likely to authenticate the game you are trying to backup.

I’ve not had the need to back-up a PC game for some time now, in fact the last version of SafeDisk I remember sucessfully duplicating this way was 3.20.

Good Luck


Thanks Orinoco.

One last question… when copying Safedisk 3.2, did you use the clonce cd Safedisk 2 profile, or the Protected PC Game profile to make the clone cd image?

Thanks for your help…


I used the Safedisk Profile downloaded from the sticky at the top of this forum.


Thanks Orinoco… have recently attempted to burn Call of Duty United Offensive (Safedisk 3.2) via your method. Sad to say it failed. I have a Liteon CDRW SOHR-5238S burner, which is 2 sheep, which did the read and write…
Only one way for me to make a good copy of SD 3.2… use Clone CD with protected pc game profile, tick Hide CDR media… works every time.


i thought the method worked for safedisk 2.x but not above


As I recall, the ccd/fireburner method works with a 2 sheep writer up to v. 3.10 but not for v. 3.15+.


I Know that, not all 2 sheep burners can handle Safedisk 2.9 and above with the fireburner methode. If you want to make a perfekt bacup, you have to buy a new burner. I have heard great things about newer Asus burners.

Best regards


Orinoco’s point was that this method worked for Safedisk 3.2 in that:

  1. it maf\de a working copy
  2. it bypassed the ATIP check protection enabling the backup to be run without emulation in a burner.

Sadly in my case (details above), it did neither of these two things! A total failure for SD 3.2 as on COD:United Offensive.

Back to the foolproof Clone CD method and Hide CDR Media emulation!