CloneCD FES Software EC is unreliable

Today I noticed that software EC with the Ultraplex32 (and other drives) is absolutely unreliable.
For example I read out a SD2 CD, which was written with AWS, using FES(Software) and the Ultraplex. CloneCD gave me hundreds of errors in the area of the weak sectors.
It seems as if the software EC is not working at all.
Reading the same CD out using the FES Hardware setting, while being extremely slow (due to the Plex spinning down and never spinning up again), only produced the usual errors at sectors >800.
Other drives I have tested this with (those that support software EC) did also exhibit this problem.
I have tested this with CloneCD and
Is software EC working at all?

Did you use a toshiba dvd-rom as reader? The 1502 refuses reading amplified week sectors without hardware EC.

As I posted I used an UltraPlex32. I also tested this on a very old TEAC-524E, with the same results.
I’m begining to think that software EC is not working at all.
The weak sector thing is only one example of CloneCD behaving strangely in this respect.
Basically, if any sector is damaged / doesn’t match EDC/ECC, but still would be correctable easily, CloneCD simply doesn’t do so.
Instead it reports an error and fills the sector with 0x55.

Yes, a can confirm this.
I’ve tested to read an amplified CD with my UltraPlex 40max.
You’ll only get reliable results, if you turn off the FES.
The same goes to the PlexWriter PX-W1210S.
With this drive, you won’t get bad sectors in the weak sector area, but the read sectors differ from the originals.
With a Toshiba SD-M1402, you can leave FES enabled on reading.

If I understand you correctly, the SD-M1402 does support Software EC, and even if done so, CloneCd reads out reliable. If this is true, it’s not a Software EC implementaion problem, as I suspected first, but rather an odd hardware problem.
As spath pointed out in another thread for FES set to software on a Plex, DRC is set to 1 (requesting the drive to not perform EC, and transmit the sector nonetheless). Perhaps the Plex (and some other drives) transmiting trashed data in such a case, for some odd reason (Audio mode? interpolation?).

Originally posted by drezon
Perhaps the Plex (and some other drives) transmiting trashed data in such a case, for some odd reason (Audio mode? interpolation?).
perhaps because the Plexies are not fully MMC compliant? Olli has stated this before, I don’t know what he refers to, but isn’t this what makes them such great devices? 2c