CloneCD features: But are my copies still real 1:1?

I just posted the article CloneCD features: But are my copies still real 1:1 ?.

As we reported yesterday the new CloneCD has some new features that will make sure you will be able to backup protected CD’s.

The betablocker function however seems to modify data, so the…

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Ok, :* Olli, we love you :* I wish you were a woman :wink:

Ok, :* Olli, we love you :* I wish I was a woman :*

Olli to bad i dont have a sister otherwise… :4

LMAO at all the responses, but well done Ollie dude you have delivered the goods at last, have a few beers on all us at CDfreaks :8 and a cigar too :g

I just wasted another cd on a sd2 game when i read the good news ! OLLI IS MY GOD

hi! I have one question: This Olli’s new menthod doesn’t depend on cd writer? (so, I can use crappy hp burner?) Or is this for those how own burner witch can “allmost” copy sd2 games? and I can re-burn my copyed cd! :wink: this news was answer to my re-burn question… but how cares! Is this ultimate solution for sd2? :smiley:

actually, I mean my friends have hp burner! :slight_smile: I don’t have anymore! :r But I have mitsumi! that is goos writer!

We all love Olli! The fact remains that we (US & GB users) still need a workaround for the new AWS & HideCDR Media features. So, here’s ‘AWS & HideCDR Workaround Summary’ that I put together using info from CDFreak, Clone Clinic and my personal experience. Hope this helps. FYI: - Amplify Weak Sectors (AWS) = SD2 - Hide CDR = Securom, and new SD2 with ATIP These new options are [potentially] considered illegal in the USA and GB due to CCDv3201 now having the ability to make ‘working SD2/Securom backups’ with most CD writers… “Don’t blame Elby/Olli [because] he has to cover his a-double-s and make the program this way to fit the laws for these countries.” Workaround (Enabling AWS & Hide CDR): 1. Before installing CCDv3201, simply change your Time Zone, Keyboard and Regional Settings* properties to a different country (other than the US or BG), e.g., English (Canada) or Spanish (Mexico). Be sure to select the same country (locale) for each setting. * NOTE: Under Windows 9x, you may find (as I did) that the other system locales are masked and thus the Region Settings only show a multiple listing of the same (or default) locale. Just scroll up or down and select a blank area in the listing. Then, click the ‘Apply’ button and click ‘Yes’ to the ‘Restart’ message. Go back to Regional Settings and you should now see a list of all available system locales. 2. Install CCDv3201 and the install setup should enable the new features. NOTE: If the AWS & Hide CDR do not activate, run Regedit and do a search (Find) for ‘AmplifyWeak’ or go to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareElaborate BytesCloneCDSettings Once you’ve located ‘AmplifyWeak’, double-click it and change the Value data field from 0 (disabled) to 1 (enabled). ** If two AmplifyWeak appear, enable value for both entries. ** Then, reboot to reset the new setting. 3. According to Olli, if you change the Regional Settings back to the US or GB locales, it will disable the AWS & Hide CDR features. Therefore, this setting must remain at whatever locale you chose to use these two features. Conversely, fb- claims he/she changed all the above settings (Time Zone, Keyboard and Regional Settings) back to their previous (or default) locale, rebooted and the AWS and Hide CDR remained activated… You’ll just have to see which method works best for you. Peace, eljay

Hide cdr option, when do I use it, during reading of any disc for copying purpose or playing discs?

What exactly does the Hide CDR option do?

The Hide CDR Option tricks the CD-Protection so it can’t read the ATIP of a CDR, thus fooling the application to run even in your burner.

How come i can’t find the “Hide CDR” option anywhere??? i followed the instructions of eljay and the Amplify Weak option is clickable, but where is this Hide CDR options located???

All I need to know is the moment a crack/patch comes out to enable those options as clickable… So far the registry edit trick doesnt allow me to click the option on or off but its faded out and checked so Im assuming that its enabled right now… I can undertand that Ollie wants to protect his ass by limiting the program from allowing those options for the US and GB versions, but dont make it impossible for us to enable those features… :d

OLLI you rule, but what is better, Using his Amplify Weak option or just using the ability of my Liteon 24102B burner and making a copy the old way? Sorry

One thing, the test mentioned is a stupid test - of course the images would be identical - you need to compare with the image without Amplify option on!! Anyway, I think CloneCD is the best CDR backup proggy ever and still is.

Oops, I meant the images won’t be identical - otherwise the Amplify weak sectors wouldn’t exist…

i have problems copying tiberian sun cd, even with clonecd, can anybody help me (i use a hp-writer) mail =

hi everyone reading since cdfreaks was created so i guess time to post :7 sub command from electronics art doesn’t work after creating backup any ideas ? LG GCE-8160B (16x10x40x) drive copy SD2 that work in any cd drive but sub command is first one i got problems with it does work in burner it self but no go in other cd roms, from what i know they used securerom v2, any info about setings for clone would be great. also question about 10/40 dvd drive from pioneer does it do good job for creating working images ? what about subchannels does it read them or not ? keep using burner for creating images but since last update clone is showing that this burner does only raw without subchannels, not sure about that since before clone had this drive listed with raw+96 now only raw also is still listed as drive that should not make SD2 working backups in other drives while truth is oposite and GCE8160B does correct EFM encoding. btw. all wankers that whing about some not cdrw related news on cdfreaks just grow up, don’t like it just skip topic go to next one or better just get lost and make own site where you will post whatever you want. SnookerBot

small update i install on 2 other systems both with cd reader only and it works now who can figure this out :slight_smile: still no go on my system in 10/40 dvd pioneer i put the orginal cd and works just to make clear is not something wrong with game setup on this system. SnookerBot