Just thought that you might like to add TCCD Scout 2.2 into the list of protection scanners. Can be found at

It might be worth adding some blurb about the strengths and weaknesses of each. I have found the following;

Clony XXL No longer developed, will recognise most protections except SecuROM New on a disk. Would start CloneCD with settings it thought were right for copying the disk in the drive, but I had mixed results using it. Translated into many languages, but many dialogue boxes not translated.

YaPS: Smallest and easiest to use. Recognises major point releases of SafeDisk. Does not recognise SecuROM New on the disk.

TCCD Scout 2.2 [scanner only]: Very similar to Clony XXL in its user interface and setup. Will allow the building of CloneCD 4 profiles and has links to BlindRead. Also has manual SecuROM scanner which will scan the installed ‘game.exe’ file to check for SecuROM New signatures. Scout’s installer is in German, you can change the language of Scout from within the software but only after the installation.

There are many questions about SD 2.51.xx backups that have been run through BetaBlocker or burnt with AWS enabled that don’t work on the forums at the moment. As this is not a guaranteed works-every-time fix for not having a killer burner, I think it would be worth having a Q & A explaining this.

Q: I’ve taken a CloneCD Image and; run it through BetaBlocker/burned it with AWS enabled and; it doesn’t work reliabily/only works in the CD drive etc.

A: AWS and BetaBlocker are not guaranteed to work all the time with every drive. AWS may help with a single sheep burner, on the other hand it may not. I know nothing of BetaBlocker so I bow to your superior knowledge here

thx for this post im learning something new everyday:)

Thanks G@M3FR3@K and FutureProof, I’m sure that this will help people who are new to Clone :slight_smile:

Clone CD is officially dead! I didn’t think the day would come :frowning:

It’s for-sale. It’ll be back.

2003-09-11 SlySoft aquires CloneCD
SlySoft aquires all rights of the famous CD duplication tool CloneCD from Elaborate Bytes AG. CloneCD will only be available from SlySoft via the Internet. Pricing will be the same as before. Existing CloneCD customers will keep their right for free updates for one year after purchase. The first update will be available during the next weeks

2003-10-16 : Still nothing after more than 4 weeks.