Clonecd error



Hi, whenever I attempt to burn a copy of age of empires 2 on cdclone I get an error message when using raw-dao it says: Illegal request command sequence error 5:0X2c:0x00. Any help would be appreciated.


What version of CloneCD and which burner do you use?


Well I figured out the hard way my cd burner is not compatible… is there any way I can burn it and use some kind of patch program to play it? Are there any such programs?


Well, have a look at or

As far as I know you can copy the entire CD with your Windows Explorer to your HD, apply a patch and then burn it, but I don’t know for sure cause I never tried it - I think there will be some tutorials on the sites.

Or you can try Blindread/Blindwrite maybe this program supports your burner. It’s an alternative to CloneCD.