CloneCD, Dutch language version!



I just posted the article CloneCD, Dutch language version!.

CYBERBOB has created a Dutch language pack for the popular CloneCD program. U can download it here.

If you want to translate CloneCD into your own language check the CloneCD site for an…

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Great work CYBERBOB :slight_smile:


Dunno about you, but this language file is not recognized (corrupt?)in CloneCD while this translation does work (it’s about 10K bigger):


Well i have checkt it again and i have no errors maybe an error by sending it i have send the dutch file again I hope it works better this time


Yes I have the same problem CYBERBOB. Please let me know when you’ve upped the correct/new version and I will try again :slight_smile:


How do you install the file, i use clone cd 3.051 :frowning:


@ironjohnny: Copy the file to the “Texts” folder in your CloneCD folder… Now start CloneCD and go to Tools, Settings, Language and select the Dutch language. Ps. CloneCD 3.051? Wow where did you get this one :wink: Heheh, the latest version is


Well, I’ve downloaded the Dutch language file and it does work :). The one from tweak-it.


Yes indeed :slight_smile: I tested it and it worked like a charm. Thanks!


I use version But I cannot find a folder called TEXT in my clone folder


The language files only work for CloneCD version 3! You can get this version at


I tried the languagefile from cyberbob in It did not work.:frowning: The one from does.:slight_smile: Thanks for the help