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nice :slight_smile: the most importand infos together :slight_smile:

but could you add to

Check out your writer’s compatibility here & here

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Yep, on it. My apologies InSOMniA, you’ve done some great work compiling that info.


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[B]Yep, on it. My apologies InSOMniA, you’ve done some great work compiling that info.

cooee [/B]

thx :slight_smile:

pps: it was not only me … i’m working with master sammy on the list. and we also have a translator ((german -> eng), who currently translates the new version of the site, which is much better, into english)



Great Work…Thankyou :slight_smile:

like you forget a masterpiece of program used far before all that progs you name like cdrwin!!!
thats all i have to say

like you forget a masterpiece of program used far before all that progs you name like cdrwin!!!
What!? Can this do subs now?

You mention that only a handfull of drives can handle SafeDisk V2 (2.51.021), some of them are the LITEON LTR series 24x, 32x, 40x (LTR 24102B, 24123S, 32123S & 40125S)… I’m interested in buying the 32123S model but CloneCD has no information on this drive as being compatible with it… Do you have any info on this drive and its compatibility with ClonCD? And if so do the specs match the 24102B Model which is already on the list…

Look here and here

Thanks for a nice and comprehensive guide!

About Intel Storage Drivers…I´ve been dealing a lot with these lately as the old ones (6.02) crashed PlexTools!

And as you mention you cant enable DMA with these, the only way to do that is to change the harddisk driver back to Microsofts own driver, in Win ME its 2.30.0007.

I have my Plex 241040A alone on Secondary channel as master so I dont lose any harddisk performance if using an older driver.

I have tried both, microsofts older with DMA enabled and newer different Intel drivers without DMA enabled as there is no checkbox for DMA.

But checking with NeroCdSpeed I cant see any difference in speed or CPU usage. What exactly should the difference be?

Got me! Don’t know :eek:

hmmm…I kind of hoped you had a clue…
The question is very interesting though. Maybe DMA is enabled by default? I search at Intels site to if I find something. Posting here if/when. :slight_smile:

There is a comprehensive txt file with the .exe

Damn that is pretty comprehensive stuff

If you want perfect audio 1:1 use Feurio! or ExactAudioCopy

There is nothing exact about the ripper of Feurio!. Currenly only software being able to do 1:1 audio is EAC. For ripping & compressing audio EAC and CDEx are the top (only) choices.

How do I backup Medal of Honor or Serious Sam:SE or C&C Renegade? They are protected by SafeDisc 2.51.021. If you don’t have one of these writers, then it’s not happening in any burning proggy without additional measures!

you can also backup these titles with a Plex 12/10/32A
using Firmware 1.09

(i have sucessfully done so, and run these, frequently)

Awsome collection of info!! Thanks for all your hard work, it’s really appreciated!!



I have a big problem with backing-up MECHWARRIOR 4.

Allready tried 3 times with CloneCD profiles and with
ClonyXXL and result is the same:

back-up CD plays only in my LG GCE 8160B and not

What I am doing wrong?

Please help!!!

I’ve personally been able to make a working backup of Serious Sam: TSE with my Plextor 24/10/40 (original 1.00 firmware). The game installs and plays fine, both in the burner and my Pioneer DVD-ROM.

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The LG GCE-8320B may also questionable…

Why is this drive questionable?

What are the differences between the GCE-8240B, GCE-8320B and GCE-8400B?

These drives all have two sheep, don’t they?

Originally posted by kythri

Why is this drive questionable?[/B]
Elby testers found inconclusive results but Glynx says it’s OK for 2 sheep. Maybe I’ve erred on the side of caution for too long :wink:

The only notable difference, other than speeds, between LG burners is that the CED range are rubbish while the GCE range have a mediatek (=SD2) chipset.