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Do I need the Intel® Bus Master IDE driver

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CD Basics

How do I backup Medal of Honor or Serious Sam:SE or C&C Renegade? They are protected by SafeDisc 2.51.021. If you don’t have one of these writers, then it’s not happening in any burning proggy without additional measures![ul][li]ARTEC CDRW241040+ []ASUS CRW-1610A[]ASUS CRW-3210A[]ASUS CRW-4012A[]ASUS CRW-4816A[]BTC BCE-3212IM[]BTC BCE 4012IM[]LG GCE-8160B[]LG GCE-8320B[]LG-GCE-8400B[] LITEON LTR-12102B[]LITEON LTR-16102B[]LITEON LTR-24102B[]LITEON LTR-24103S[]LITEON LTR-32123S[]LITEON LTR-40125S[]LITEON LTR-48125W[]MEMOREX - six models[]Mitsumi CR-485CTE[]Sony CRX175A1[]Sony CRX185E1[]Sony CRX185E3[]Sony CRX195E1[]TOSHIBA SD-R1202 DVD Combo Drive[]Toshiba SD-R2312 DVD Combo Laptop[]TRAXDATA CDRW-2440MB[]TRAXDATA CDRW-2440SD[]TDK devotees should read this[/ul]These two Sony’s may be questionable for SD 2.51.021 +[ul][]SONY CR-X175A1[*]SONY CR-X185E3[/ul]The LG GCE-8320B may also questionable…
How to check DMA and PIO Mode is no good!

Rule #1! Install from the orginal. Thanks to Noxcyber for the tip…

Originally posted by kubiak76
[B]Well I Must say that I really feel stupid right now. Something so simple as updating a video driver can make a difference in installing a game. I tried to install the game with the originals and to my surprise it would not install just like my back up. So I did what you said and updated my vid drivers and then the game installed.

I thank you again for your help.
Kubiak76 [/B]
There is context sensitive Help available; Right Click any item for help

Google if you need a specific file or further technical information about, say, EFM or Beta Values, Wobble, pre-gaps etc

Nero & Clone do two different things very well. Nero is best at pre-mastering & Clone is best at duplicating in RAW DAO. Clone is a better duper than Nero but Clone doesn’t pre-master, it’s not designed to do that

If you want perfect audio 1:1 use Feurio! or ExactAudioCopy; Clone gives most acceptable results though, at a 4x-8x read with NO subs written onto a purpose audio CD-R; but you can always try audio subs at first

Other burning proggys… At the time of writing, Blindsuite & CD-Mate have come a long way. Blindsuite will do some titles (eg LaserLock) for some devices that can’t do it in CloneCD. CD-Mate works great for early Firmware revisions in some devices. Stuck with pre-5s07 in your LITEON LTR-24102B? Use CD-Mate. Flash to at least 5s07 & Clone will produce a faster dupe. DiscJuggler will also produce copys from error based protections and is an excellent tool for P-W subs

Roxio burning software (Easy CD Creator et al)…hmm…it does what it is advertised to do & does it well. Current reports state that the latest version can live with CloneCD, Daemon’s Tools et al. The fact was that it couldn’t live with most other ASPI dependent software on your system

Disable IMAPI if you have XP >> Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services…right click IMAPI & disable. DO NOT install the MS update for the on-board (Roxio) XP burning software…well look, you can, but you face difficult times ahead

Disable the built-in burning software - right click the burner…properties & choose “Disable…”

Bookmark the CloneCD User Page Title protections from here; required disc size 74’ or 80’ also stated

Bookmark CD Media World’s Protection List from here

Bookmark Recommended CloneCD Settings from here. Add AWS on the burn if required

Bookmark (Author of CloneCD) Olli’s site! Interview! Olli’s FAQ! All of Olli’s posts at Club CD Freaks can be viewed from here! See what Stretch has to say.

Check out your writer’s compatibility here, here & here

Bookmark Andy McFadden’s CD-Recordable FAQ from here. It’s an essential resource! Bookmark Chip Chapin’s CD Media Primer from here. More Articles here

Reaction by Olli on Friday 5 April 2002>hope I’m still able to register using my registration<

Yup, CCD4 Update is free for all (the 1 year free update is now entering the 3rd year), except: You are in Japan. Japanese customers must update / contact Pro-G Group, the japanese Distributor.

Reaction by Olli on Friday 5 April 2002>Yup, CCD4 Update is free for all<

Well, I meant: Free for all registered users, of course!

Use the latest version of CloneCD from here

ASPI File Layer system. If you have Win2K or XP you will have issues. These Two Sites are a good read. More from here

ASPI is now free and has been for most of 2002:[ul][li]4.71.2[]4.71[]4.70[]4.60[/ul]You can download Force ASPI from these links:[ul][]For WinXP Only[]For Win2K Only[]For Win9X Only Use 4.60 for Win9x :slight_smile:
Install DAEMON’s Tools. Test your images for RAW-ness, without emulation, before burning! Or play them straight from the HDD. Don’t forget to RTFM

Win2K is not ATA66 ‘out of the box’ (MS KB Article Q247951 ). Read about ATA100 in Win2K You need a MS hotfix or you can use X-Setup. XP is not 66/100 ‘out of the box’ either but at least you don’t need a hotfix - just fiddle around in Device Manager.

Grab the TCCD from here & the CloneDB from here


VIA Chipsets The latest VIA 4in1 driver suite is stable; up to 4.28 is also stable; if you have XP, just use the native drivers, don’t install 4in1 just because you can, although install the latest 4in1 (from their website, not someone else’s) if you think you have problems. Excellent reading & driver info here. Late reports recommend the GART & Miniport drivers.

The VIA IDE Miniport driver does not install with the VIA 4in1 drivers. It should only be installed on systems with a VIA chipset and:[list][li]IDE Zip drive, under all Microsoft operating systems, with a 686b southbridge chip[]ATA100 hard drives with Windows 2000 prior to Service pack 1[]ATA133 hard drives under Windows 2000 and Windows XP[*]IDE Zip drives under Win2K - install the driver and then set the Zip-Drive to DMA disabled and PIO-Mode 1 in BIOS. Open the IDE Tool provided with Bus master Driver and set the Zip-Drive to PIO-Mode 3.[/ul]Intel Chipsets The Intel Chipset Update Utility is a must; V3.20.1008 is stable & worth the piece of mind. Try not to install the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver as it will take absolute control of DMA & UDMA which you may not want (last version is 6.1, named intelata610_enu.exe & about 2464 KB in size.) They keep moving the d/l location around on their site, so I can’t give you a guaranteed link past next week
SiS & AMD No problems I know of, try the latest drivers

ALi (Acer/Benq) chipsets are part of the disturbing trend of providing drivers but recommending a visit to the board’s manufacturer’s website - good luck!

Hybrid Hybrid chipsets (eg AMD Northbridge & VIA Southbridge) require the drivers written by the Motherboard manufacturer - visit their website. Here’s an example of what I mean

SCSI SCSI + CloneCD + certain SCSI Cards (+ certain MoBo) do not work well. If this is your problem…try another SCSI card first if you can (don’t wanna see those Cheetas go to waste do we?)

PIO Mode The problem with PIO is CPU overhead. It will strangle a UDMA device on the same channel. Many optical devices are still PIO, can’t & never will run in UDMA Mode, so there is little alternative but to bundle PIO devices (disks or CD/DVD-ROM and burner) onto the one channel. Burning on the fly, off the one channel, with this configuration is asking for a coaster & unnecessary frustration. Burning on the fly with a PIO/UDMA combination is also frustrating.

EIDE Can’t Copy-on-the-Fly? Get those fat, fast |33t HDDs onto IDE 1 or the RAID channels & put your optical AT devices onto IDE 2 if you really want to copy on the fly. Hey, sure you can put that PIO 4 on the same channel as your Maxtor ATA133 Viper…very 386. You can safely place two, different speed UDMA devices onto the one channel. UDMA technology ensures that the channel does not run both devices at the slowest speed.

UDMA Enable in the BIOS (if available) & Device Manager; if you’ve installed the Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver then the DMA box in 9x will be missing. MS KB Articles about UDMA. See this MS KB Article about ATA100 in Win2K.

XP & Missing 'ROMs Go to the MS site, find the Knowledge Base & search for CD CD-ROM CD-RW CD-R; here, I’ve done it for you


ATA described. SCSI stuff here. EIDE here.


My CD-Rom or CD-Writer does not work with CloneCD! CloneCD tells me, it is “not compatible”! Olli says:

Most CD-ROMs and CD-Writers work fine with CloneCD. If you get a message that your CD-ROM is not compatible, please disable reading of Subchannel Data. Please make sure, that you use up-to-date drivers for your SCSI controller or the IDE controller on your motherboard.
My Backup Won’t Work…WTF! Either you haven’t yet (wrong settings) or can’t defeat the copy protection on the original CD (incompatible or incapable burner). You’re playing an ATIP checking title from a burner. You could also have an older device that will not play a backup. Remember, the only media guaranteed to run in a DVD-ROM is a DVD - some will not play CDs, particularly CD-Rs. And please don’t tell us that you copied the files using Explorer or Easy CD Creator…

What’s SafeDisc 2? A very clever thought out copy protection but simplistic in its application. It simply asks the burner to do what it’s not supposed to do! It is responsible for the fact that only a few brands of burners with specific chipsets can successfully backup titles with this copy protection. Look here as well

Tiger Woods is SD 2.51.020 and some writers failed over at this point – try AWS. Some older Plextors & Philips. Reports of some Plex 24 & 40x but these are scarce as hen’s teeth & chickens with lips. Blame organised pirates, the warez scene, Sony & Macrovision, in that order

What’s AWS & When is it Needed
Amplify Weak Sectors It’s a workaround for burners not capable of Correct EFM Encoding of Reular Bit Patterns. The registry hack does not work as CloneCD will simply check the locale & disable AWS as required by local laws

What’s an ATIP?

Look here

What’s “Hide CD-R Media”?

Hide CD-R Media simply blocks the ATIP reading so the game will play from a CD-Writer! You’ll find it in the CloneCD System Tray Icon but not available in US or JP Operating System locales. SD2.4.x introduced the ATIP check

Should I use Error Correction?

Read Olli’s comments about EC…you be the judge

Use a different brand of CD-R (yours is obviously :Z ); write at the certified speed of the CD-R. Don’t do any video editing while burning on your 486 (well, you get the idea). Follow the software & hardware advice above. The Acer 12x is well known for being media picky. Each writer has a media catalogue encoded on the chipset - flash upgrades more often than not will upgrade the media catalogue thus improving your chances of success with less than optimal media.

Should I use subs all the time?
No. Only when required. However, you can try them if you don’t know the protection to be defeated. You can also mount the .cue or .ccd in D-Tools & run from there without emulation (RTFM). Disable emu, to discover if it’s SecuROM or LaserLock. SafeDisc is also emulated.


What’s Regenerate Data Sectors? A recent option in CloneCD that allows the Error Correction to be rebuilt for damaged discs. It’s also hand for unreliable subchannel readers and the newer versions of SecuROM (NWN and WC3 for example). The Liteon 24102B benefits from this setting.

What’s Fast Error Skip?
Intentional errors on a CD are basically binary trash. This setting tells Clone that they are present & to ‘move on’. Reading the image is much faster; although, it can slow some readers down (A reader can be any optical device)

What’re Fast Error Skip Settings…

Click this button, choose “default”; if you have a LITEON or Toshiba DVD-ROM then select “0” for retries. They are ‘set & forget’. It is almost useless to experiment but there are other considerations…which are not relevant here. LITEON does not support a Software setting & will change to Hardware on the read

What’s the Log?

Click Tools then select Log. You can save the log & then paste it as part of your post for troubleshooting; don’t be afraid to post your log! Just leave out the errors between the first & last, please

What’re subchannels?

Look here You only needs subs for Karaoke (both), SecuROM (data), PSX LibCrypt (data) & ProtectCD (both - most of the time). The subs do ‘digital’ signatures & fingerprints for prots as well as…well, read Andy McFadden’s FAQ! Reader & Writer capability of 16 bytes for SecuROM/ProtectCD & 96 for PSX/Karaoke required. Some devices will not produce a working backup of SD2 if subs are ticked for the read because their sector regeneration for the write is completely wrong.

Reading Subchannel Data from Data Tracks with Plextor CD-ROMs, Sony CD-ROMs, Sony CD-Writers CR-X120E, CR-X140E/S, CR-X145E/S, CR.X160E, Hewlett Packard CD-Writers 8200i, 8210i, 9100i, 9110i, 9200i, 9210i, 9300i, 9310i, 9500i, 9600i will always enable Fast Error Skip, too. You might need to reduce the read speed for reliable results!
What’s the Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner
Required for LockBlocks & LaserLock if compatible Start at 100 & progress to 1K - it should speed things up If it gets slower then you’re not compatible OC-Freak took 3 days, once, for a read…

What’s Abort on Read Error?

Well, it stops if there’s an error - useful when there should be no errors on the original ie non-SD You’ll get a coaster if you are On the Fly…anyway… Most useful for imaging - you know the image’ll be OK

What’s Don’t Report Read Errors?

If you know it’s SD or some other Error prot then you can tick this option to make the Log smaller

What’s Read Speed About?

Shows the supported Read Speeds. Read Speed can be subjective, i.e. no scientific basis for selected speed. Audio is often best done at a 4x. Older burners should use the read speed of their burner… Don’t ask me why you can’t get 3x, eh?

What’s all the crap on the right side of the read window
Well, I loaded Commandos 2 #1 for a read; guess what? For a start, on line 17, it says “Time: 74:02:33…” Bing! - I need an 80’ disc to back it up (some 74’ discs will not overburn past 73:59, so why chance it?). Disc #2 will fit onto a 74’ disc. Some titles will not run without an an 80’ disc present anyway.

What’s this “Create “Cue-Sheet” thingy”?

A .cue file allows the image to be burned by other proggys. Now that D-Tools supports the .ccd file, you don’t really need it. Why would you burn a ccd image with another proggy…ah, you’re a pirate

Can I Overburn? Overburn what exactly? It’s a duplicator not a pre-master of software. Every game title I know of fits onto an 80’ / 700 MB CD-R. Clone will burn out to 90’ but it is device & media dependent - don’t blame Clone! Some Overburn Test Results

90’ & 99’ discs

Everything You Needed To Know About PCs But Were Afraid to Ask

Interesting Hardware Stuff Here

Got a question about Sector sizes or Data Block Types? Look at Table 147 on page 162 here

OSTA FAQ - a must read for all experience levels about CD-R/W technology

Quantized Systems Knowledge Base - good expert level information

CloneCD Reading Info

Check out some LaserLockRead Times here