CloneCD does not recognise Pioneer DVD-106S

Hello everybody,

Maybe you can help me.
CloneCD does not recognise my DVD-Rom.(Pioneer DVD-106S)
I have already update my firmware and deactivate reading SubChannel at CloneCD, but it still doesn´t work.

Thanks for you help

PS: Sorry for my bad englisch :o)

uhm… this sounds much weird, since i have the same drive and i haven’t had any problem so far…
i got the latest firmware, but i don’t uderstand why you deactivated subchan reading…

Yes, but it´s true !!

I have Windows ME and it doesn´t work.
It says that Pioneer DVD-106S isn´t compatible with CloneCD.
I´ve downloaded the firmware from the Pioneer Homepage and I couldn´t install it.

It says that is the wrong DOS version.

Than i did it with a boot-disk and it says that my CPU has a problem.

To all this i can only say sh**. :slight_smile:

But thank you any way

With normal CD-Roms i don´t have problems, i can read it without problems.
I have only problems when i try to burn DVDs.
I tried it with a PSX2 DVD in CloneCD. (the latest version)

Have you tried to read a DVD from PSX2 ??

About Subchannel:
I´ve read it somewhere at a Homepage, that i should turn it off.

ooooooohh!!! so THAT’S the prob!
ya can’t burn dvds with clonecd!!

UPs… :slight_smile:
Can you say me with wich Software I can do a Image file of a DVD ??
I don´t want to burn, i only want to make a Image file.

I would try to burn a PSX2 game.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

first of all i hope you have a dvd writer…
btw, i dunno how to burn ps2 discs, but if you want to backup a movie you should go here.

For example !!!
On the net, there are thousends of Images from PSX2 DVD games !!
I wanted to know with wich Software do they rip the DVD.
And you can burn these Rips to a normal CD-Rom.