CloneCD development



Hopefully the current programmers of CloneCD will respond to this post, giving the forum-members a hint on how things are going…

I notice what great work is being done to AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I own all the elby-based applications, and appreciate them indeed.
I love the way CloneCD backs up copyprotected audio. It saves my day when Exact Audio Copy takes all day on a couple of protections.

However, as is not new to the members on this board, CloneCD is lagging behind in backing up copyprotected games. Securom is fine with twinpeaks.
But newer safedisc should be “mandatory” for an up-to date application, and other protections would be nice to back up too.

Is something going on in this respect at all?



They have support for safedisc 3.2 in an upcoming version. Read here for more information.


Ooops, I seem to have missed that thread…
Very good news!


This new version also claims to copy DVDs as well as CDs. So my question is: “What’s the difference between CloneCD and CloneDVD?”

I’ve used CloneCD for several years and am quite happy with it, but lately was considering purchasing Alchohol 120% because of it’s DVD capabilities (as well as being more up-to-date). I’m wondering perhaps this latest version of CloneCD will do the same (or better)… Opinions anyone?


CloneDVD = Shrinking and burning video DVDs; includes a transcoding engine that ‘shrinks’ DVD9 video discs to DVD5 size (if necessary), needs AnyDVD for handling copy protected discs.

CloneCD = creating and burning 1:1 images of CDs and (data) DVDs, copying protected discs (needs AnyDVD for copying video DVDs as well though). No transcoding engine included for shrinking movies.