CloneCD database live update

I just posted the article CloneCD database live update.

A small update of this CloneCD database. There are now 1415 titles in this database!


All entries: 1415

PC: 766

PSX: 649

Personally I think a protection scanner like Clony is…

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed that CloneCD games databse actually does have a protection detector.

No I didn’t notice that :o Thanks for the tip!

Just wanted to let you guys know that now SAFEDISC 2 is copyable on -EVERY BURNER !!!- just check out the new version of cdrdao 1.1.4 ! further info at: !!! now start copying… :slight_smile:

I believe the issue had more to do with burning, rather than copying.

You are wrong it s not a problem of software but burner.Can somebody say if the 124tsi plextor can burn safedisc2, i see so many forum withe partizl succes or complete or fail, i don’t know who to trust. Please, help me to know!:o