Listen up! I got a huge problem!

I got some games in clonecd format. I burn them on a CD and they seem fine. Then I install the game, after that it stops!

When i try to execute the gamefile, then I get the splashscreen and it hangs - every time! It only happends with CDs burned with clonecd, other formats, like *.bin, work just fine.

Can someone please tell me why this happends?

I run a Intel Pentium 4 @ 1300 Mhz
1 gb of RAM
Win 2000 Pro
Servicepack 2


Probably cause you have a non-EFM burner, and since the CCD backups are the originals, they wont work without a good burner.

Maybe it’s time for you to stop downloading games and go and buy them eh? :cool: