CloneCD -- CD ROM Backup help



I recently purchased an expensive Spanish language CD and would like to back it up in case anything happens to it. I’m experimenting with a couple of backup programs (CloneCD and Alcohol 120). I’ll post about the CloneCD here…

Using CloneCD, I copied the file to my computer and attempted to load it to the virtual clonedrive. When I run the program, it still asks me to insert the original cd. Is it possible that I’m choosing the incorrect read option? Should I choose Game CD, Multiformat CD

Sidenote – I’ve downloaded CLonyXXL which is supposed to help determine the datatype of the CD ROM. I run it in the background when I run CloneCD. I don’t really know where any manual or support is for it.

Please help!


You’ll post about CloneCD in the Alcohol forum?


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Whoops…sorry. I was working with both programs. I’m actually experiencing the same problem with Alcohol. I was able to put the program on my computer, but when I run it, it still asks for the original CD. Using that ClonyXXL I was able to select the appropriate datatype. Any suggestions?


What copy protection does it use? Scan the installation folder on your hard drive with Protection ID and let us know. Please also tell us what burner/s and any other ordinary cd/dvd rom/s if any that you have.


I have a “Mad-Dog” DVD-R drive. Backs up movies well, but have never tried to back up CD-ROM. The datatype is SafeDisk 2.9. I have installed the profiles provided in the CloneCD forum.

I’ve also tried copying the cd (which seemed to wrok), but when I insert the copied cd, and run it, it still asks for me to insert the original.


I suspect that you’ve scanned with clony xxl rather than with Protection ID. Clony is years out of date and will report any version safedisc higher than v. 2.9 as v.2.9 rather than the correct version (current releases being v. 4.7). Please re-scan with Protection ID as suggested and report the result.


I really appreciate your help! I scanned with Protection ID and it says that it has Armadillo (unknown version) protection. How do I use this information in Clone CD?


I actually also tried scanning with Copy Discovery and it says that the protection is Safedisc 4.0 which is also what the Rosetta Stone (company where I bought the software) website says. Is there a place to get the Clone CD profile for Safedisc 4.0? I checked the profile thread and the links for CloneCD 5 profiles no longer exist. (Sorry if this should be posted over there)