CloneCD,..can it burn from your harddrive,..or

is just cd to cd???:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :eek: :cool: :cool:

You can copy on the fly (cd to cd), but you can also create an image.


On the fly can be performed reliably by very few combinations of devices, examples are:

Tosh & Acer
Tosh & Plex
Tosh & Lite-On

Gee, did I say Tosh three times? There are others & I would be interested to hear of members experiences with some β€˜unusual’ or less sexy combinations.

Of course, try it with Laserlock or LockBloks & you’re asking for a coaster christmas tree.

You’ve gotta have fast HDDs like SCSI or, at a minimum, ATA66, busmaster drivers (preferably MS if you have a VIA chip**) installed & DMA enabled. Reader & writer must be on separate channels or best, one device on a separate controller.

For CD to HDD to CD-R, defrag your HDD & set the swapfile to a managed permanent size, like 200-400 MB (mine is 250 MB with 512 MB of RAM). Dedicate a partition or drive as the β€œimage” container e.g. mine is a 30 GB d;\images and nothing else (good for D-Tools too!)

**VIA claim to have fixed their busmastering issue with the latest 4in1 :rolleyes:

it also works well with

Plextor UltraPlex32max & Plextor 10x scsi
Plextor UltraPlex32max & Plextor 12x atapi
Plextor UltraPlex40max & Plextor 12x atapi

gee did I say Plextor six times? :smiley: has anyone used the Sony CDU-66xx drives as source drives (on the fly) successfully?

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