CloneCD: bypass Key2Audio

Hi i have read some thread about bypassing key2audio but no lucking doing it by self. Can anyone teach me how?



List what hardware and software you have available.

It depends what you want to do with it. Do you want to rip the tracks or copy the CD?

I have a NEC 2500a, xj hd166s, and a crx 230a.

yes i wanta rip the tracks to another cd with out the protection.

Hi babychar2002,

I would suggest using audiograbber, cdex or any other program that is able to rip audio cds to your hardrive and burn the wav files using your favorite burning software to a CDR disc. There won’t be any copy protection after succesful ripping :).

You can also use AudioCatalyst and I would use the xj hd166s I have one of those its great and can bypass just about any audio protection.

Check if you have latest firmware

Also nice (I used it once) but just a trial version is available while cdex and audiograbber are freeware :).

Thakz for the audio grabbing softwares, but i wanta know is there is a way u can get rid of the copy protection (when buring or edit image) leavig it in mp3 format.

As i posted grab the tracks from your original and if you don’t want them in wav format rip them to mp3 format and burn them :).

You can also use a free program called Exact Audio Copy. This has the LAME converted with it so it will convert your tracks to MP3. It’s a good program cause I used it yesterday for the Cactus Data Shield 200 protection tut im working on at the moment.