Clonecd burning 360 backups

Hi guys,

I have been burning my 360 backups with clonecd and various discs until about a week ago. Now I cant burn any games at all I have tried everything. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled clonecd but still no joy. I have a number of games to choose from but all fail about 20 minutes in.

just to update i have a pioneer 111d

What version of CloneCD are you using? Are you using it in trial time limit run out? Is your firmware updated? How long you been using your CloneCD as it has trial limit of 21 days.

ialso have tried to burn a back up disc of my 360 games using the cd clone,i have d/l discs and a dual layer writer,i have put the 360 game in and pressed read to image file which id does then i press write from image file,it does about 7 minutes then says write completed,i then try the written disc in my modded 360 console and it says TO PLAY THIS DISC PUT IT IN A 360 CONSOLE…have bought backup discs from internet and they all work so i know the machine is ok,i am only in day 2 of the trial programme but apparently it makes no difference ,the functions are the same until the 21 days is up,i am totally confused,can anyone tell me how to do this,and if i have to adjust any settings,as i am sure only part of the game is copying so not allowing it to boot.i am using a laptop which i manually close the drawer,

You can’t copy xbox or 360 originals in that way.