CloneCD bug?

I just posted the article CloneCD bug ???.

Some visitors may have encountered this already: there’s a new LaserLock protection (used on for instance Desperados) which is causing some problems backing-up. Sometimes the back-ups work and…

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SOK, I used Blindread to backup this cd, same with Settlers IV, its far faster and much better than CloneCD, and it analyises the bad sectors(senses the fine gap etc.) at the start of the cd, and alters the speed accordingly, when no more errors are found it reads at maximum speed on my March 2001 40x Plextor (seems Plextor have made some mods to the gubbins of this drive, and I am able to rip mp3’s @ x41.43 without the cpu overload bar in audiocatalyst moving pat the first bar. I was able read and make a fully working backup of Freesytle Scooter for the PSX(Laserlock)(using the new x40 or my x12) with Blindread, CloneCD give up b4 it even did 1%, so I am sorry to say this but it seems like CloneCD’s days are numbered unless some drastic reprogramming of the entire program is taken place. Sorry Ollie but your software no longer performs like it used to, the people responsible for putting the protection on the cd, have reversed engineered your program found out how it works, and then bought out new types of protection that your program can’t handle anymore. RIP CloneCD :frowning:

Yo interceptor - You shouldn’t be posting the fact you use Audiocatalyst. It’s not a smart move. It sucks. The mp3 encoding is done using Xing and oooh God, does that stink. You should be using EAC for all ripping of Audio. It’s not the fastest but it is the best quality.

I don’t if its my dvdplayer or clonecd, but when i tried to copy Tribes 2 i got 1 cd full of errors. Clonecd skipt almost all the sector. My dvd couln’t read it. I never had problems with my dvdplayer. So lets hope its clonecd. Then it will work next version. :stuck_out_tongue: ps. My dvd player is a ASUS 8x :r

imitator-are u sure about the rip speed of your plextor…could it have been.@43.42…SAD…:r

Copied both Desperados and Tribes 2 using clonecd 2.852. Both copies work in different cd-roms. Must say that for some games (Age of empires and the new summoner)i must use my recorder instead of my DVD to get the original read. (DVD=Toshiba,writer=HP9100i)

Yeah, I have the same problem, I can’t read desperados correctly… I hope I can keep cd untill the new beta is released… :slight_smile: