CloneCD + Betablocker: SafeDisk error


I tried to make a backup of GTA3 with latest version of CloneCD and betablocker. protection is safedisk 2.+

The copy didn’t worked

Read: (DVD rom 16x)
speed: 2x
read sub-chanel
regenerate data-sectors
fast skip errors
don’t report read errors

Write: (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D)
speed: 8x
close last session
weak sectors: amplify (tryed ignore too)

Patched both images of install and play CD with BetaBlocker.
Installed from copy, can’t play from copy.

If I use original play CD it works…

If I watch with clony to my copied CD it Says Safedisk 2 protection

Any id’s ?

Did you scan this to find out it is Safedisc? What country do you live in?
According to here: it’s Securom if GTA Vice City, so watch out for that.

Also what burner do you have? Don’t use beta blocker, there are better ways to deal with this protection.
Beta Blocker is also legally questionable.

he meant GTA 3, not GTA Vice City xtacydima.
and GTA 3 is safedisc protected.

I know.

Although I haven’t played GTAIII for some time (not presently installed), my recollection is that the official v 1.1 patch of this game removed the cd-check altogether (or at least removed the safedisc checks).

Since DarthGery’s writer is obviously a 0 sheep model that can’t handle the weak sectors accurately, I suggest that he simply install and then update the installed game to the latest version after which he shouldn’t have any problems playing the game, with or without a back-up cd.

Note that even though many writers can’t produce a working back-up copy of a safedisc 2.51+ protected cd, practically any writer can produce a copy that is good enough to install the game so long as the set-up executable isn’t protected (and in the case of GTAIII it’s not).

Wow is it? I never knew…

It’s like said before GTA3, and it’s safedisk 2.5+ protected

My burner is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D

Why isn’t beta blocker good?

Because there are much better, more reliable, more legal methods.

Maybe, but if I can’t burn them coz of my burner, I need to to it on another way.
Anyway, the patched cd’s don’t work, I’m not sure, but I gonna try using the safedisk profile for cloneCD. Should I amplify weak sectors?

with more reliable, do you mean there are other progs like beta blocker ?


Regarding Betablocker, it alters the weak sectors where normally the protection takes advantage of, with it own set of information to later be run off it while runnin gint he background, at leats from when I remember experimenting with it, an dnewer versions of Safedisc render it useless.

The reason I said it is legally questionable is because you can turn around and say, well hey, doesn’t clonecd do that when using amplify weak sectors. Well, clonecd does it a little differently, and laws differ in every country, so nowadays, its very hard to say who is right and who is wrong and very easy to put blame on people.

Anyhow, you have other options available to you. Yes try emulate weak sectors you have nothing to lose except making a coaster. Since you have a zero sheep burner you may have to also resort to trying emulating. If that fails you can try software emulation like Daemon Software.

I already use Deamon tools to emulate my backup of GTA Vice City (which has SecuRom 4.8 protection)

So I guess I wil burn both images of GTA3 onto a DVD-R and then emulate them too.
(untill I found somebody with a sheep 2 burner, who wants to burn the images for me)

Tnx for all info!

GTAIII being SD2.6, this trick should work with your 0-sheep writer ->

tnx for the tip, gonna try it right away!

doesn’t works :frowning:
but gonna try again, maybe I did something wrong.

Do you mean that safedisc detects a copy or that you cannot burn the cd ?

safedisk detects a copy …
But I tried as admin, I only have and ‘admin’ profile on my XP system.

Gonna try it as normal user on another (win2k) machine.