CloneCd & AWS

Does anyone know why this happens. I had to make a copy with “emualtion” enabled for it to work on my laptop. For some reason the AWS copy wont go. Yet it works fine on my PC where is was created. So now I have 2 copies, one that I use when I use my laptop, and one for my PC. I mean I got it to work but can’t figure out why it only works this way. I installed CloneCD in full on the laptop with the CloneCD Tray enabled. The backup only works with hide-cdr enabled. The laptop drive is a dvd/burner combo.

Can someone guess an answer???

I think the answer is obvious but I’d like you to ask the question again in case I’ve jumped to a wrong conclusion.

Ok FP here is a recap and my question again. On my PC I made a backup of Age of Mythology with my burner (no sheep i believe). Its a Samsung SW-206. I also have a 52x max cd-rom(generic), and a toshiba dvd rom model sd1212. The backup I made first worked fine, but only with clonecdtray enabled and HIDE CDR option ON. I ran it fine off all 3 drives. This was made with AWS option. However, this copy would not work on the laptop. The laptop I have has clonecd installed with clonecd tray enabled as well. The laptop ha sa DVD/Burner combo drive. The game wouldn’t run. However, just to experiment further, I made a copy on my PC again, but this time with simulation mode. This copy seems to work on both my laptop and my PC. I am curious as to why the AWS copy won’t run on the laptop? Only the simulated copy works. I wish the answer was obvious to me as well…


Umm… so FP, what do you suspect it is? I am willing to try a new method.

Well to me it sound like a normal problem that can occur: some drives are just pickier than other when it comes to playing AWS copies… Some drives will accept an AWS copy made by writer XYZ while another drive will refuse it. A good example of this are the Plextor recorders: when you write a disc (no AWS) it will almost always play in the Plextor drive itself (again: ignoring AWS) while the back-up will fail in other drives. The logical conclusion in your case would be that your laptop drive needs an emulated AWS copy since it refuses and amplified copy. Your laptop drive is a Toshiba? These are indeed very picky drives.