CloneCD author counters 'Fireburner'

I just posted the article CloneCD author counters ‘Fireburner’.

In a reaction to the yesterday released ‘article’ by the author of Fireburner Oliver Kastl (author of CloneCD mailed us his view on this:


I’ve seen, that you opened a discussion…

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CloneCD is an awesome product. Who cares if it doesn’t make a perfect copy. As long as it works quit whinning.

I completely agree with Oliver. I’m not a programmer or something like that, so I understand this kind of problems only ‘on the surface’, but according to me it was clear that CloneCD couldn’t burn a perfect copy of a cd, but only a ‘working backup copy, without the use of any modification’. I’m surprised that the author of Fireburner lost time to prove what he showed us, i think anyone with some brain could know that, even if I couldn’t prove it (I don’t have the means and the knowledge).
Anyway, Fireburner is a very good burning program too, I often use it. CloneCD and Fireburner are 2 completely different applications, with different objectives. I don’t think we should stay here too long whinning.


I’d have to agree with Oliver.

I’ve been burning for quite a long time and I’d have to say that Fireburner is no match for CloneCD (although I can’t dish Fireburner because of the fact that it is better than CDRwin in realiabilty).

We have to remember that, an error is an error, who cares!

Anyway, CloneCD is the only thing I’ve seen so far that recognises sessions as sessions and not as tracks like that lowsy Blindread, heh. However, this is a good thing for me since it means that session cd protection can still be used to prevent people from copying your cds. Neat.

But it would probably be best not to call it perfect 1:1 copies for critiques, but you’d be just as well going it 1 : 0.99

As i use to say: When Knowledge Is Empty, Aggression Takes Over! The author of FireBurner is probably jealous about Ollis powerful CloneCD which really can DO IT ALL! And the whorst of all, he dosent even have the heart to give Olli an excuse for attacking him with false information, well we could even say false information to the WORLD! I would really like to see if the author of Fireburner could make such a dupelicator as CloneCD with his own hand and knowledge, prove it to us all and iam sure even Olli would forgive you :-) I have tried out CloneCD by my self and must say it is scary bugfree, and i have never failed to make a safety backup for network gaming with my friends, i like Discjuggler, Nero, CdrWin too, but they cant do it all so CloneCD is the winner for me. Thank you Olli for a great product, i promise to register CloneCD at my next payday :-)…

To author of Fireburner: Do not wandering the wilderness cause Olli`s hiding there somewhere…

Greetz: Merlin The Wizard

Oliver Kastl has always been upfront and exactly clear about what clonecd is, and how it functions. to call it a hoax is simply innacurate. He is owed this apology by the author of fireburner. Ollie is the master! ps --Thank u for creating clonecd