CloneCD and WinXP



Int the middle of copying a CD to Cd in Windows XP Professional the system reboots . I can do a copy to cd in NTI and copy to cd in clone dvd . What do you think is the problem?


I am not sure what your problem is.

Are you using “on the fly” or makning an image of the cd first?


on the fly


Hi Moparmd,

which version are you using and is it a trial or full version?


I’m not suggesting that this necessarily applies to you but the most common cause of system re-boots while using CloneCD is the use of a key generator to “register” CloneCD.


Try making an image of the cd first, then burn it. Tell me what happed.


What version of CloneCD?
Whats your burner?
Is IMAPI serivce disabled?