CloneCD and WinXP

In the start menu, The CloneCD “tab” is yellow. And when I click clone CD, boh the shortcut to CloneCD.exe and to the CloneCD tray are yellow.

Also Seti@home is yellow so it’s not just CCD. Anyone why they are like this?

(HINT: I’m new to XP)

Try this link.

one option of winxp is to highlight any newly installed programmes,might be your answer

Ohhh… that may be the thing. I have had it installed for 3 days now. That’s probably it.



Every thing u need to know about Xp,theres even a forum.

The Problem you are referring to is the INABILITY of Win XP to CORRECTLY DISTINGUISH the Really New installed programs rather than some haphazard highlighted links.

This problem has been fixed in a Utility called Tweak XP Version 1.30 onwards.

Tweak XP is a very nice utility to have and it does not cost that much.

you should be able to install the demo version of this utility which is now version 1.31 and you will see a specific section dealing with this exact issue and RECTIFYING it.

Now the Newly installed programs in my machine are REALLY the programs that have been newly installed.