Clonecd and win2000?

has anyone have any luck with clonecd with windows 2000? i couldn’t run it or something. so i have to dual boot and run win98 when i’m making cd’s. both for easy-cd creator and clonecd. any one know whY/ or anyone have any solutions?

Some more info would be helpful like the given error message, etc. Did you try the latest CloneCD version

I’m running CloneCD under W2k with no problems at all…

Win2K? Look here & use latest version of CloneCD

thanx newayz. i’ll just keep teh dual boot for now.

when i try and run clonecd, it says i have to restart the pc cuz drivers or something

I’ve got also a dual boot: win98 & win2k
I’ve got no problems at all.

I only use: cdrwin 4.0 , nero 5.5.x.x , clone


I’ve never had any probs with clone cd and win 2k either.

i dual boot. i can only burn in 98 though. not 2000