CloneCD and Warcraft 3



I have a LG CED-8080B CD-RW running under WinXP.
I have a backed up ISO file of Warcraft 3. I try to burn a cd but I get error message half way throught the installation. I file works perfect in my system, but I would like to burn a cd. I have a feeling it my CD-RW and it's not burning the subchannels. Any help you be appreciated.


can you tell us what the error message says


Data File Error
“Setup cannot read a required data file. Your WC3 CD may not be in the CDROM drive. Please ensure that this disc is in the CDROM drive and press Retry”
Error 0x00000017: Data error (cyclic redundancy check.)


Originally posted by Pre5000m
…I have a backed up ISO file of Warcraft 3
What program did you use to create the .ISO and what settings :wink:


I downloaded from WinMX. It has an .iso extension and it opens with WinISO. It works fine when I extract it with that program onto my harddrive.


Originally posted by Pre5000m
I downloaded from WinMX.
That’s illegal. We discuss software here that we pay for - it’s in the Rules. ~warez~ is often cracked, copied with unknown programs with unknown settings. There is also malicious code in some warez and it cannot be trusted. PM me if you have a problem


with the newest clone cd and oldest firmware for the lite-on 32123S on securom profile downloaded from the site works fine.