CloneCD and StarWars Battlefront



:confused: I have a scratch on my Disc 1 CD of StarWars Battlefront and I want to back it up in case the original ever stops working. To my knowledge this program uses SecuROM for protection. I can’t make a usable copy using CloneCD. I’ve attempted to use strategies such as profiles from this website and attempts at an 1:1 copy. Any ideas? Does it matter is you have programs such as Alcohol and Nero on your system??? :frowning: BTW, I have a Sony CRX220E1 I’m using for this process, and it does support the RAW writting modes.


Assuming that it’s a recent version of securom (i.e. v. 4.8x+), a 1:1 copy with any thing other than a plex premium isn’t possible.

However, since you have both alcohol and CloneCD on your system, for a back-up copy that will work from your Sony drive, see here, here or here.

Any of those methods should work just fine. :slight_smile:


Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply to my post. I will read those pages you’ve referred me to and get back to you on the progress (if any). Cross your fingers…