CloneCD and SecuROM

As I’m new to CloneCD 4, I tried to copy a SecuROM (with the new protection) disk using 1:1 option using my LG DVD GDR8162B and my Sony CRX225E. The thing is I couldn’t make a working copy. Anybody wishes to enlight me ???

I use Pentium 2800 MHZ, 512 RAM, XP SP1, 40GB HDD on a QDI Superb B S4FX-6A motherboard

Please use philamber’s guide and you will see this has been covered many times. There is a whole section in this forum dedicated to these types of queries.

You must do more than just the 1:1 option. You will need to get TwinPeak. Make your CloneCD image, get a BWA file, then patch your image. Then you can burn it.

See here .

Ah yes, philamber’s great tutorial.