CloneCD and safedisc 2

Hi, I’m new to these forums. I am trying to make a working copy of my son’s LOTR Battle for Middle Earth. I have CloneCD and ClonyXXL and use a Samsung SH-W162C; supposedly a “two sheep” writer. Using the settings for Safedisc 2 produced by ClonyXXL and disabling AWS (as recommended for writers that can handle efm) the game will start up, but when you push “play” the cd drive churns for a long time and finally produces an error message. I tried burning with AWS activated to no avail. I then downloaded the trial version of Alcohol 120 and was able to produce a working backup CD with ease. If CloneCD can’t do the job, then I’ll purchase Alcohol, but everything I read indicates it should be able to do it. Am I doing something wrong?



safeisc 2 is a pretty easy protection to circumvent. clonecd will do it, but getting the settings correct for your burner can be a pain. stay with alcohol, or try some other apps that can copy sd2.

Yes. You’re using ClonyXXL which hasn’t been updated for years and is horribly outdated (so much so that it won’t show any version of safedisc higher than 2.9). Use A-Ray scanner instead.

LOTR Battle for Middle Earth is safedisc protected but has had its version number removed. However, judging from the time of its release, the version # is either 3.20 or 4.01 neither of which is easy to copy successfully.

However, as you’ve been able to do so with alcohol, you know that you do indeed have a 2 sheep writer. :smiley:

So far as CloneCD is concerned, in making copies of safedisc protected games from about version 2.8 onwards (the version that introduced a pre-gap check), emulation is used. In essence, CloneCD copies of safedisc protected games from that version up only work if CloneCD is installed on the system and with Hide CDR media activated.

I greatly appreciate the information. I guess Alcohol is worth the investment as it did such a good job on lotr/bfme. I was wondering if there is an application for which clonecd is preferred over alcohol as I have already purchased clonecd? Thanks again!

you might wanna try some clonecd profiles. see if they help.

IMO, generally speaking alcohol is the superior app, and by some considerable margin.

However, CloneCD generally performs better than alcohol when dealing with protections that rely upon gross consecutive unreadable sectors. Examples of such protections are RingProtech (aka ProRing) and Laserlock.

It also has some advantages for copying copy protected audio cds because of its ability to copy only the first session (i.e. the unprotected audio files). However, neither alcohol nor CloneCD will do as good a job as a specialist digital audio extraction program such as Exact Audio Copy or Cdex, if they can do it all with your hardware, unless the disc is in absolutely mint condition.