CloneCD and CLone DVD

Which is betta to make backup movies clone cd and clone dvd, exact copy with no compression?

For an exact copy with no compression it has to be CloneCD - but the best tool for making a 1:1 backup still has to be DVDDecrypter in ISO mode - especially if you are burning to DL media.

I am not sure how CloneCD handles the layer break.

well… uhms… clone dvd 2 isnt bad… havent burned a dvd off clonecd yet…but ill see

can anyone tell me the best way to copy netflix movies

No one here will help you to copy rental version of movies, since it is illegal. :cop:

Please take some time and read the rules before posting again something like that.


no. but i CAN direct you to read the forum rules and not to post again until you have.

these kinds of posts are 100% not tolerated.

Not a good question for your first post, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Since when is it ILLEGAL to make a copy of a movie? As far as I understand the LAW, it is illegal to distribute or sell those copies- not to make copies. Remember the law before everything went digital? You were allowed to make copies of whatever you had AND you were allowed to LEND it to your friends… HELLO???

That doesn’t include making copies of rented (or borrowed) movies. :wink:

This is an old thread anyway…

It is illegal to make copies of rented movies. If you own the title, that is different. Hello, if you persit in this discussion I will close the thread. Read the rules before posting again.

Well why dont you close the thread instead of threatening to close it since there is no reason to continue this discussion? You leaving the thread open only gives everyone the idea that they can continue discussing it. As far as copying rented movies, my research tells me it is illegal, although as long as you dont sell them or distribute them, no one will ever know. I for one dont see any reason to copy a movie, as I would never re-watch most of the crappy movies that Hollywood produces. If you spend your time watching movies that you have already seen- already know what is going to happen, then I honestly feel sorry for you. With all the stuff I do outside my house, I rarely watch movies to begin with- nevermind watch them over and over like some kind of loser with no life. As far as buying or copying rented movies for the kids to watch repeatedly- maybe you need to do something with your kids instead of sitting them in front of the stupid tube?!?! I will never understand the culture of watching movies over and over- it boggles my mind how lonely and empty people must be these days. Get out of you house and live life instead of watching others live their lives (or their fictional lives)

If you detest movies so baddly, why are you wasting your’s and everyone else’s time? :doh: